The Big Plunge

3 years of mulling over turning a blogger, balancing the pros and cons of putting myself ‘out there’  and here I am taking the bold plunge.  Boy, ain’t I impulsive! Done with the procrastination and ready to write, vent, share…be.

I really owe this blog to a few incidents, experiences and people, both real and fictional, that struck a chord with me. Like my grandmother who is bravely battling cancer. Like the anti-corruption movement that’s growing, mutating before our eyes here in India. The giddy nervousness I feel at the thought of baking bread at home from scratch. The blog takes inspiration from the film Julia and Julie (a must watch for every compulsive foodie and wannabe blogger…I’m sure the internet owes alot of the food blogs doing the rounds to that film). Needless to say, the title of this blog takes off from one of my all-time favourite films ‘Serendipity’.

Serendipity [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee]
1. an aptitude or faculty for making desirable, fortunate discoveries by accident
2. good luck; fortune

This blog will touch on a lil bit of all the themes that inspired it – good food, good living…things I take heart in. Starting with a blog on one of the surest ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer….that’s coming up next.


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  1. Cinnamin
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 16:06:39

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Namrata 🙂 I’m really glad your blogging because you write so well. I love the look of the blog!!


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