Yummilious Pudding: Anna’s Apple Wednesday

When a new friend brings a rich and heavenly pudding to work, barely 10 hours  after you’ve drooled over the selection of puddings made by the top 10 MasterChef Australia finalists, you know the universe is hatching a conspiracy in your favour.

Angel Anna appeared in the office replete with wings, halo, wand and yes, a casserole dish layered with little bits of heaven.

After savouring 6 spoonfuls of sin, I accosted her with the mad energy of a fan and made her share her recipe.

Calorie Alert: This is as heavy as it can get. Don’t read further if you believe a sin on the lips is forever on the hips.

All you need is… (sorry, no exact measurements here…it’s all andaaza)

Marie Biscuit
Melted Butter
Readymade cake slices (Chocolate/Vanilla/Mixed Fruit…your pick)

To proceed, first stop nibbling on the ingredients.

1. Mix the Marie Biscuits and sugar in a blender.

2. Add the melted butter gently with your fingers until crumbly. Press this mix down into a caserole dish and refrigerate for half an hour, until set

 3. Next powder a readymade cake and mix with cream. Spread this layer on to the biscuit base.  Refrigerate until set
4. Stew some sliced apples (keep the skin on if you like), add sugar, honey and a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon depending on yr preference. Cool this down to room temperate and spread this on as the next later.  Refrigerate again, until set
5. Finally, crumble some atta biscuits and sprinkle these generously on top.
Refrigerate until set and decorate with cream if you please.  Serve cold
Pig out!
Dear Anna, you have spread the joy by sharing this pudding recipe, making the world a happier and ‘halthier’ (you know what Delhiities mean when they say healthy) place.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. meera
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 01:07:29

    To enjoy this yummy dish,one should ignore the calories!


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