My first blog post-marriage

Sass, sense, serendipity and now shaadi. I am returning to my blog after a nearly 4-month long hiatus. I got married to my friend less than 2 weeks ago. The paradigm shift, the move from Delhi to Gujarat, new blood, new energy…all egg me on to return to blogging. The past week in Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s quiet & peaceful capital city, has been wonderfully soothing. Soothing even as we unpacked our boxes, sorted out furniture, crockery & books.

Life has been good so far to his journalist who quit her job with an aggressive television news network to settle in a new city, start a new life. Here have been some of the highlights and key learning experiences of the past week.

  • Companionship: It’s one of the most divine feelings to wake up next to the one you love. We bond over our beverages of preference (his tea, mine coffee) before chores creep up on us.
  • Coffee: There’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee to begin your day. This stove-top european-style coffee maker which was a wedding gift from my aunt is an absolute delight. It brews us 2 steaming cups in under a minute. I’ve been in rhapsodies ever since I unpacked and began using it. The hunt for good filter coffee blends begins. For now, we’re using a Swedish blend from Gevalia (also gifted by the same aunt). It is positively divine. I’m afraid I will finish it off within the next 10 days. I’m told Cafe Coffee Day is the only place to go right now. Note to self: See if anyone sells filter coffee online and buy!
  • Crockery (tonnes of it) has left the husband speechless. I found him standing in one corner of the kitchen looking most dazed as I wrenched open the lid of yet another carton to pull out more ceramic mugs. He reckons we have enough crockery to last us a lifetime and enough to pass on to our descendents as well! He has now threatened to break 2 pieces of crockery whenever I am away from the house on work! humph….! I smell W.A.R!
  • Cooking: Being in my own kitchen has given me the chance to experiment. I’ve been trying out new recipes including tomato rasam and vegetable stew, from the cookbook my grandmother personally hand-wrote for me. It’s a real treasure trove of eat treats! The husband has pronounced me a good cook! *lights up with joy*

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  1. Bani
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 15:49:22

    So nice to you are writing again! look forward to lots more:-) and a note to the husband- no ceramic plates to be broken else there will be war!


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