The Gud, the Bad and the Tilgul laddoo fiasco (or Sesame Jaggery Ladoos Part 2)

Here is the blog entry I promised I’d write once I attempted making the tilgul ladoos a day after Makar Sankranti. But before I say anything else, let me state for the record, the heaps of respect I have come to have for my grandmother, great grandmother, sisters-in-law and countless Indian women who make these laddoos with such ease. Here’s why.

I set out to make the Tilgul ladoos according to the recipe on I diligently followed the recipe to the T. First collecting all my ingredients, doing my prep and keep them ready on the kitchen counter. All went well till I had to take the mixture off the heat. I greased my palms with a lil ghee, eager to shape the mixture into laddoos. But, aaaaargh…the heat from the jaggery-sesame mixture straight off the stove was something I had not bargained for. My palms were completely scalded. The woman who shared the recipe had warned that this might happen.  So I abandoned the laddoo-shaping to pursue plan B: greasing a thaali with ghee and turning out & flattening the mixture on it! But that didn’t work either. Because there didn’t seem to be enough jaggery in the mix. The recipe recommends just half a cup of jaggery but i think it would require at least two more cups. Oddly though, the mix tasted great but just wouldn’t come together. My mix looked very grainy and not sticky like the one on the websites pictures.


note: reddening of palms from working with piping hot tilgul mixture 😦

It was sheer will and desperation that helped me make 4 laddoos, before my aching palms screamed at my brain and I stopped.

If this happens to you – the grainy dry tilgul mix, that is- you can use it as muesli to go with a bowl of oats at breakfast!


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  1. D
    Jan 17, 2014 @ 23:17:45

    Hi. I also tried to make some til gul laddos had the same problem they did not stick together. I used a plastic measuring spoon to make them as the mixture is very hot. I think ice cream scoop would be good but I didn’t have one to hand.
    Will try again next year.


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